Wild Life by Linda Becker

Wild Life Artist Linda Becker



Linda Becker born Linda Bayhi in New Orleans, Louisiana of French and Hispanic heritage moved to Southern Californian in the late 1950's where she grew up and started a family.

She raised four sons and has lived in Lake County, California since 1990. She has always had a passion for life, people, children and animals. She was shy in school but when it came to her art classes she felt right at home and knew her calling. She devoted her life to her children who always came first and once grown she finally found time for herself.

With her passion for art rekindled she decided to attend college taking computer and several art classes consisting of drawing and painting learning perspective and composition and the balance of color. She always received instruction from local established artists for many years. Her paintings consist of still life, portraits and wildlife.  She started out using pencil, charcoal and ink then ventured into oils and pastels.  She gives great attention to detail and strives for photo realism. 

Linda has been a member of the Lake County Arts Council for over 20 years and has shown her work in the Main Street Gallery in Lakeport ,California . She also participates in many art groups and competitions mainly online. Recently she placed 4th in the American Art Awards which consists of a jury of 25 American art galleries, she also received a Special Merit Award in the All Women Art Exhibition through the art space and Time Online Art Gallery. For several years she was a member of the American Academy of Women Artists being featured in the Southwest Art Magazine. Her work can be purchased from our gallery.